Tuesday, 25 June 2013



I have plenty time to update my blog since it was a long holiday causes by haze
So, somewhere teacher told that result will be coming out on  12th or15th of july
This is creepy
What if I got horrible mark than before ish idk 

Since I got this so called "free" time
Ill tell you guys story about one of my best friends

Her name is ................................................... 
She can be good can be weird but the best part about her is she can make people laugh non stop 
believe me
Friendly and understanding but yet sometimes errrr annoying hahahahaha
Btw she was amazing because not everyone can make people laugh yknow that kind of
We just know each other about 1 year not exactly but almost and she was pretty cool and humble
(ni kalau dia baca mesti bangga)
She understand me and can accept my weaknesses I wish too haha
Siti Zulaikha thank you so much cause willing to be friends with me eventho 
there is so much things happened between us before love u! hahaha (macam surat utk bf)
One last thing about her is she never say no to camera


We've met before I publish this, datang sebab rindu hahaha gateii
Kepada aten yang bakal baca entry ni jangan jeles sebab nanti ika buat utk aten plak okay :P
Thank you friends always at my back and support me I love you 
Lets study and success in life 
Hopefully one day we can go vacation together and make more memorable experience together.
Harap-harap dapat masuk U, dapat kerja bagus,dapat suami bagus,
Semua baguslah hahahahha
And whatever things we are doing now blessed by him.